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Tile and Grout is notoriously difficult to properly deep clean on your own at home. Grout is a porous surface that can quickly discolour and collect dirt that is moved around throughout the property. This porous nature of the grout can create a breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted inhabitants in your flooring that can be next to impossible to get out on your own without professional-grade equipment.

Complete Carpet & Tile Cleaning can get into your grout and eliminate the bacteria in a way that your mop and broom couldn’t. High traffic areas like the kitchen and the bathroom especially, can be incredibly difficult to get thoroughly cleaned. These areas can already gather bacteria in ways other rooms in the house don’t, so it’s important to get the space professionally cleaned before the build-up of bacteria becomes hazardous.

What Makes Complete Carpet & Tile Care the Best Choice for Your Home?

When it’s time to get your tile & grout properly cleaned, our team is the unmatched choice to fully eradicate bacteria, allergens and other debris trapped in the porous surface. Our professional cleaning service uses our proprietary hot water extraction cleaning method that allows us to get right into the grout and extract all of the hidden dirt trapped inside.
Our process will not only get out the stubborn bacteria and debris, but we can also restore the original luster of your flooring, making it look brand new.
Complete Carpet & Tile Cleaning is proud to be unmatched in the Madera, Fresno City, Clovis and all of Fresno County, CA. Our process can offer our communities the peace of mind of;

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


Industry Leading Equipment


Polite, Professionally Trained Technicians


and the BEST Guarantees, for your peace of mind!!

Our process is guaranteed to restore your tile & grout floors look and cleanliness, allowing you to be proud of the home again.

Experiencing a build-up of bacteria and debris in your tile & grout? Our team is ready to help!

Throughout the Madera, Fresno City, Clovis, and nearby cities, we are unmatched in our methods and have been providing our communities with cleaner, healthier, homes.

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Being family owned & operated since 1989, there is NOTHING more important than your complete and total satisfaction.

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