People spend a third of their lives in bed, and whether or not you think that sleep is for the week, there’s no doubt that getting quality rest is crucial to everyone’s health in more ways than one. Changing the sheets frequently feels refreshing and creates the kind of bedroom that promotes relaxation, but most forget to handle the dirty work when it comes to mattresses.

Even if you cover a dirty mattress with the most luxurious bedding sheets, all your sweat, dead skin cells, and other forms of filth can leave your mattress smelly and stained. Cleaning your mattress regularly is important if you want to catch some zzz’s, but aside from health reasons, removing all the muck on your mattress can extend its quality and lifespan too. 

Some nasty spots won’t do any lasting damage if you snooze on them, but there are stains that you need to clean immediately before it penetrates your mattress too deep. 

What are the Different Mattress Stains You Should Immediately Remove?

1. Coffee Stains 

In a time when working from home has become the new normal during this pandemic, it’s no surprise to kickstart your day by drinking coffee while sitting on the bed. But this leaves your mattress vulnerable to liquids, and when something as dark as coffee spills on it, it can immediately eat away at the bed’s fabric when left unattended. 

Starting your morning cleaning off coffee stains on your bed may be frustrating, but it’s the kind of accident that shouldn’t be ignored if you want to ensure your mattress stays good as new. 

2. Alcohol Stains

When the happy hour strikes, but lockdown restrictions keep you from letting loose outside, then drinking in bed is the next best way to unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, the intoxication can cause you to spill some of your favourite alcoholic beverages on the mattress. 

Just like coffee, alcohol contains strong ingredients that can break down the materials from your mattress. Not to mention, it also creates an unpleasant odour, so it’s another stain that needs immediate attention once it spoils your bedding.

3. Oil Stains 

One of the most harmful forms of stains that can destroy your mattress is oil, which can come from your body, hair, or any oil-based products. These substances are difficult to remove and can penetrate deep into the mattress’ fibres, causing it to trap dander easily and reek the longer you leave it there. 

The Bottom Line: Keeping the Mattress Clean 

Mattresses play a big role in your life, and the fact that it comes at a high price means it deserves your tender love and care. Aside from keeping your sheets clean, it’s worth taking the effort to remove any stains from your mattress so you can ensure it remains high-quality for years to come. 

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