If there’s anything that needs extra tender love and care in your Fresno, CA home, it’s your area rug. Area rugs have the power to bring the vibe of the room together with its unique design. But other than that, it can also take quite a beating since it sustains a tremendous amount of foot traffic, pet dander, and some spills here and there. 

Some homeowners would resort to vacuuming their rugs. Although it can take off surface grime, it won’t do much at all, and deep cleaning is something you’ll need. 

Even if spot cleaning and vacuuming your rug can remove some dirt and other foreign matter, it’s always best to have professional area rug cleaners handle this task. However, it also pays to know what exactly you could do to help make your area rug look good as new. 

Gather All the Supplies and Tools You’ll Need

For a successful area rug cleaning task, you’ll need to have all the essentials with you. These items will include a bucket of water, rug shampoo, a sponge or soft-bristle brush, rubber gloves, and, if you can manage, a wet-dry vacuum.

Remove Surface Level Dirt and Debris

With your vacuum, thoroughly run through your rug on both sides to eradicate dirt and debris stuck in its fibers. And if you have pets, it may be helpful to use a soft-bristled brush to remove any fur stuck in its crevices.

Use a Safe Rug Cleaner

As mentioned earlier, it’s always best to have a professional area rug cleaning firm handle your deep cleaning projects since they’ll have the right equipment, products and expertise to take out all the grime in your rug without causing damage or distortion.

However, if you require a quick cleaning solution for occasional dripples and emergency spills, you can use club soda to remove stubborn stains. But take note that you shouldn’t use hot water since it may shrink or cause your rug to fade.

Dry Your Rug

After cleaning, blotting and rinsing spots on your rug, you can now let it dry. Ideally, you want to lay your rug on a flat surface to completely air dry. Take note that some rugs don’t do well under direct sunlight and could cause discoloration, so make sure that you dry your rug in a safe, shaded area instead. Using a fan to blow across the damp area can help speed up the process and prevent ph browning.

The Bottom Line: Have Professional Area Rug Cleaners Breathe New Life to Your Area Rug

Although the steps you need to take to clean your area rug may seem pretty straightforward, it’s always best to have professional area rug cleaners handle this task. This is because a team of reliable cleaning technicians will have the right tools and know specific techniques to help make your area rug look good as new!

How Can We Help You?

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