We all want our home to be cleaned and free of damage. We always want to keep it looking nice and all its parts long-lasting. However, as times go by, our home becomes prone to possible wear and damage. This is why proper care is required to keep everything well-maintained. Keep in mind that not all parts of the house are easy to maintain. Grout, for instance, is one of the most challenging to clean.

What is grout?

When you look in between your tiles, the material you see is the grout. It is a mixture of water and sand, porous, and can easily trap dirt over time. Actually, it is merely for decorative purposes and also used to hold the lines between the tiles.

If you’ve got the chance to clean your tiles, you might notice that removing the dirt is difficult. Once the grout gets dirty, the harder it is to clean and maintain because the mess has already settled into the surface.

You might be surprised to know that grout becomes dirty by cleaning your floor. That may sound confusing, but that’s the reality. Mopping the floor with soap and suds can attract the dirt and trap the dirt within. Worse, every time you mop or sweep your tile, the dirt is also pushed into the grout. Another reason is the heavy traffic that is brought into the floor.

So, how can you clean the grout properly?

It makes cleaning the grout more challenging if a floor tile has been in place for over a year. But, there are still some tips that you can do:

Use a steamer instead of mopping the floor

It is important not to mop the floor. This will only make the dirt on your grout worse. Instead, use a steamer. It is a machine that utilizes water instead of toxic chemicals and solutions to avoid dirt getting trapped in the grout. Choose a steamer that can produce vibration to get into the grout to loosen the dirt. Typically, those are the steamers that have a “scrub” button on them. 

Make sure to seal your grout

Nowadays, sealing the grout with color is becoming popular. But this method should be done with proper caution. Generally, there are two kinds of coloured sealers: penetrating and topical.

Penetrating sealers deeply ‘penetrate’ the grout. This method can be a longer-lasting solution because they do not peel or chip. It can also provide vibrancy and protection for years. Because it is durable, it can be expensive.

On the other hand, topical sealers are used to ‘paint’ the grout. These types of sealers usually wear off when the floor is cleaned. Although they may be less expensive, they can easily crack, fade, or peel. 

Ask help from the professionals

Yes, you may clean the grout, but if you want to ensure a high level of cleaning, you should opt for professional services. Cleaning professionals can handle both the surface and beneath the grout’s surface to eliminate the dirt.

Tile and grout cleaning will also help eliminate the bacteria and germs that wiping and sweeping can’t remove. It is crucial that the grout be cleaned professionally, not only to make it appealing to the eye but also to make the area free from becoming a source of diseases.


Grout and tile cleaning is one of the most difficult to do at home. If you do not have the right cleaning equipment and tools, you may end up seeing that there is still dirt in the grout. Failure to clean it will result in having a breeding place for bacteria inside your home. Make sure to look for a reliable, professional cleaning company to help you.

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