The cleanliness and ambiance of your Fresno area commercial property has the power to make an impression on your guests or clients. To wow them with an orderly, welcoming environment, requires you to pay attention to details, particularly your carpets and flooring.

Unlike carpets at home, carpets in your commercial area are expected to be constantly subjected to a significant amount of dirt and foot traffic. This is especially true when it rains, and people have to clean their wet, muddy shoes before coming in. Over time, these carpets will have noticeable wear and damage when left improperly maintained. Thankfully, they can last up to ten years with the right maintenance.

To extend the lifespan of your commercial carpets, here are some tips you should follow:

Keep Entryways Clean

A spotless entrance does more than just impress visitors or clients. It can also prevent dirt and debris from getting inside your property in the first place. By making sure your entryways are well-maintained and free from dirt, leaves, and trash, you can keep your carpets clean and ensure they last for a long time.

Place Mats at All Doors

Mats serve as the first line of defense against dirt since they catch any debris before it spreads around your commercial property. For this reason, make sure all points of entry and exit in your facility have mats. Since it takes 2-3 steps for most of the dirt to come off footwear, the mats you use must be spacious enough to prevent any grime and mud from entering and exiting individuals. Remember to swap out your mats if they’ve accumulated too much dirt already.

Sweep and Vacuum the Floors Every Day

Mud, stains, and dirt will not only turn your guests off but also reduce the beauty and lifespan of your carpets. You can prevent this by taking the time and effort to sweep and vacuum floors every day, especially in high-traffic areas. Maintaining a strict floor cleaning schedule keeps your carpets clean from small bits of dirt, stains, and other harmful contaminants.

Clean Up Spills Right Away

No matter how careful everyone is on your commercial property, accidental spills can happen. Unfortunately, these spills can become problematic if you fail to clean them up right away. To prevent tough or permanent stains from forming, blot up wet spills with a dry towel and vacuum them as soon as possible. Performing a spot treatment might also be necessary if the liquids are particularly difficult to remove..

Invest in Regular Preventive Cleaning

They say prevention is better than cure. That popular saying is also applicable when it comes to taking care of carpets in your commercial property. Besides keeping your entryways and floors clean, it’s best to seek professional preventive commercial carpet cleaning for your facility.

Regular preventive cleaning is ideal for carpets that see heavy traffic are required to be cleaned 12-24 times yearly. Meanwhile, carpets located in areas with minimal traffic have to be deep-cleaned twice a year to preserve their appearance and condition.


Carpets may seem like a small detail in your place of business, but people notice when they are worn out or stained. Because of this, make sure you follow these maintenance tips to help them last for many years to come. If you need a helping hand doing this, hire a professional cleaning team to do the work for you.

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